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VeRo Liberator Overview

Research collaboration with Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Prof. Dr. Gregor Borg is an internationally known expert in mineral resources and has worked for a number of international exploration and mining companies. We approached him and his team and established a scientific cooperation project. The aim was to obtain scientific proof of the technology’s efficiency for various types of ore and slag and to find out more about the inner working principle of the VeRo Liberator®.

The research consisted of three tasks: sample collection, analyses of input and output materials, and development of an understanding of how it works.

Details research project

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Sample collection of ores and slag

The University‘s Economic Geology and Petrology Research Unit helped us to identify and collect bulk samples of very different ore and slag types. The samples were collected in Australia, Germany, Spain, Finland and Mexico. The samples reflect some of the most common ore types from various deposits around the world.

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Thorough analyses of test samples

The first test results were very promising and we conducted all of the tests under the independent supervision of the university. The investigations and tests were conducted within an 18-month project, with Mr. Andreas Kamradt carrying out the research as the responsible scientist.

The results were compiled and interpreted in factsheets. The detailed factsheets are available on request.


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An understanding of how it works

Following the discovery that the VeRo Liberator® achieves such stunning results, we wanted to understand the how and the why. The rock mechanics specialist at Martin Luther University was therefore involved and, with him, we identified an interesting concept that explains the working principle.