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The people behind the VeRoLiberator® technology – an innovative German family business

The company is a 100% family-owned engineering start-up based in Hamburg. It is run by Oscar Scharfe (Financial Management) and Felix Scharfe (Sales & Business Development), sons of inventor and founder Peter Michael Scharfe (†): The company has sold and installed VeRoLiberator® machines in South Africa to date.

Engineering and Production

The fully Germany-based engineering and production facilities of the VeRoLiberator® are located close to Hamburg, a major international harbour with abundant machine engineering know-how.

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German engineering in action near Hamburg. We constantly develop and improve the construction of the VeRoLiberator® further, based on experiences with the operating machines and customer feedback.

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Production of the VeRoLiberator® takes place near Hamburg in the north of Germany.

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The VeRoLiberator® machines are shipped world-wide from Hamburg harbor, a major international freight hub.


Please contact our management team for any questions regarding the VeRoLiberator®:

Felix Scharfe

Sales & Business Development

Felix Scharfe
Managing Partner

Oscar Scharfe


Oscar Scharfe
Managing Partner

Prof. Gregor Borg

Industry & Science

Prof. Gregor Borg
Chief Consultant