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VeRo Liberator Additional features

The VeRo Liberator® has got some additional features.

In addition to the outstanding particle liberation results the VeRo Liberator® has proven to be superior in easy maintenance, flexibility, low energy consumption and sound levels. The VeRo Liberator® operates without water.

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Easy maintenance and flexibility

Maintaining the VeRo Liberator® is easy. The main shell can be lifted quickly to replace the impact tools. The entire axle-in-axle system with all of the hammer tools attached can be pulled out of the machine and can be replaced by a standby unit in one piece. In the theoretical case you had to exchange all the impact tools, this would take less than two hours, which makes the machine extremely versatile. The configuration (number, size, weight and design) of the tools and the speed of the various tool levels can be modified separately. The VeRo Liberator® can therefore be quickly adapted to various input materials.

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Low energy consumption and low level of sound

The VeRo Liberator® will not only result in higher degrees of particle liberation after just one pass, but will also reduce energy consumption drastically to less than 3 kWh/t and eliminate water consumption completely. The main reasons are that the VeRo Liberator® has vertical axles and operates without water. Remarkable is the low level of sound. The conveyor belt is louder than the main VeRo Liberator® machine.

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High reduction ratios

The VeRo Liberator® achieves exceptionally high reduction ratios in a quick single pass comminution. The maximum so far was a reduction ratio of 1 000 (feed material < 120 mm and a product of d80 < 120 µm). This extreme reduction ratio has been achieved on a bulk sample of massive sulphide ore from Rio Tinto, Spain.