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VeRo Liberator® has a wide range of applications

Applications for the VeRo Liberator® are in the comminution of primary ores or aggregates, the recycling of secondary materials such as metallurgical slags and wastes, and incinerator slags.

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Primary ores

The main application in the mining industry is in the liberation of primary ore from gangue and preparation of ores for higher-yield separation in the subsequent froth flotation. The VeRo Liberator® can easily replace two to three comminution steps from physical separation stages such as primary and secondary crushers, even to a first ball mill, reducing both CAPEX and OPEX significantly. The crushing or comminution effect (reduction ratio) of the VeRo Liberator® is in the order of >100x and thus far superior to classic jaw or cone crushers.

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Recycling of secondary materials

Recycling of secondary materials (metallurgical slags, incinerator slags, armored concrete) is the second field of application. The results from VeRo Liberator® test work with copper slag are impressive and show the versatility of the new comminution process.

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Liberating sources for strategic metals

Because of the high levels of particle liberation and the very small particle size achieved after one pass, the VeRo Liberator® can also play a key role in liberating ores containing strategic metals like rare earth elements.