Header Image VeRoLiberator - High Velocity Rotation

Introducing the VeRo Liberator® technology

After three years of development, we have recently installed the first industrial-scale VeRo Liberator®. The basic idea was to apply physical methods to the mounting problem of incomplete particle liberation. The results of the first bulk samples are more than promising. In collaboration with Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, we managed to prove very high levels of liberation after just one pass comminution. To find out more about the VeRo Liberator® have a look at idea, technology or proven results.


Peter Michael Scharfe was reading articles about mining and thought about better ways to extract metals. The basic idea was to use physical methods to separate ore minerals from rocks or metals from slag. Find out more about the initial concept behind the VeRo Liberator® technology.


The basis of the VeRo Liberator® is high-velocity rotation. The vertical axles with three levels of impact tools rotate at very high speeds. Discover the VeRo Liberator® technology.

Proven results

Take a look at detailed results of sample ores and slags here. We collaborated with Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg to prove the results and to find out why the machine has such superior performance.