Header Image VeRoLiberator - High Velocity Rotation

The challenge: efficient particle liberation

The international mining community is faced with a problem: the high-grade ores were mined a long time ago. Now new methods are needed to extract the ore minerals and thus valuable metal resources from increasingly low-grade and more complex ores both efficiently and profitably. Additionally, there is the big problem of incomplete particle liberation, which poses a problem in subsequent froth flotation.

The VeRo Liberator®

The heart of the VeRo Liberator® is a vertical axle-in-axle system. The vertical axles with three levels of impact tools rotate at very high speeds. These levels rotate clockwise and counterclockwise against each other, multiplying the impact forces on the materials.

Proven high levels of liberation

In collaboration with Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, we analyzed the comminution products and could see very high levels of particle liberation — after just one pass comminution.